My 10 Questions With Matt Damon

Matt Damon’s latest film is “True Grit”, a remake of the 1969 John Wayne oater. I recently caught up with Damon at an LA eatery for a round of 10 Questions.

Q1. Welcome. We’re here with movie megastar Matt Damon. His latest role is as Texas Ranger LaBoeuf in the new Coen Brothers film “True Grit”. How are you Matt?

A. Excuse me?

Q2. Ha, ha! I’m the one asking the questions around here!  So Matt,  tell me, what was it like working with the Coen Brothers?

A. I’m sorry. What is it you want?

Q3. I want to see “True Grit”, that’s for sure, but let me ask you this: What is “The Dude” really like? Is Jeff Bridges  anything like his character Jeff Lebowski?

A. Okay, uh, listen. I don’t mind signing autographs, or talking to fans, whatever this is, but not when I’m trying to enjoy dinner with my wife, okay?

Q4. Enjoying the finer things in life IS something  you’re known for. What’s the perfect romantic getaway for you and your wife?

A. Well, hmm. I don’t know what to do here.

Q5. You DO always seem to know what to do when  mapping your career path. Where did you learn this?? Were either of your parents in show business?

A. Hi..uh…what is it… Gretchen? Hi, Gretchen. I need to speak with your manager, Gretchen.

Q6. Speaking of manager, you’ve MANAGED a variety of different roles. Do any of  these characters stay with you? Affect you after you leave the set?

A. Excuse me, SIR? I’M the manager here. YOU are going to have to LEAVE this restaurant.

Q7. So, tell us Matt, are YOU leaving the Jason Bourne role forever? Please say no!

A. Sir, if you refuse to leave, we WILL call the cops. Do you understand?

Q8. I DO understand that you are known as something of a cut-up on the set Matt. Is that important to you? Keeping the atmosphere loose on a movie set?

A. The cops WILL be here in five minutes, sir.

Q9. Matt, you PLAYED a cop in the movie “The Departed”. Did you spend any time with real police officers  to prepare for the role?

A. Okay, bud. These people need you to leave this restaurant, ASAP.  Do you know what that stands for? That stands for AS SOON AS FUCKING NOW! Comprende? This is OVER PAL!

Q10. Well Matt, our Ten Questions ARE over. I hope it wasn’t TOO painful for you. Any parting words you’d like to say to the Goober readers out there?



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