Another Super Fun Movie Quiz From MovieGoober

by GooberGames

Well, it’s that time! Here’s another Super Fun Movie Quiz. Pencils ready? Go!

1. While being taken prisoner in 1968’s  “The Planet of the Apes”, Charlton Heston cries,  “Get your hands off me you damn, …”

a. dirty rats!
b. squishy octopii!
c. smelly liberals!
d. none of the above

2. Charlie Sheen’s 1987 comedy “Major League” features what popular American sport?

a. badminton
b. hot-dog eating
c. tonsil hockey
d. none of the above



3. Guy Pearce’s character in the 2000 thriller “Memento” suffers from what rare malady?

a. tennis elbow
b. the heebie-jeebies
c. hysterical pregnancy
d. none of above

4. In the “Wizard of Oz”, Toto is Dorothy’s:

a. ferret
b. rhinoceros
c. blue sperm whale
d. none of the above

5. In the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”, the on-board computer is referred to as…

a. CAL
d. none of the above

6.”The Birds” was a 1963 thriller by what famous director?

a. Alfred Einstein
b. Alfred E. Neuman
c. Alfred, Batman’s butler
d. Fat Albert
e. none of the above

7. “Being John Malkovich” stars..

a. John McEnroe
b. John F. Kennedy
c. John  F. Kennedy Jr.
d. Pope John Paul II
e. none of the above

8. The “Breakfast Club” features what young ’80s star?

a. Demi Moore
b. Karl Malden
c. Abraham Lincoln
d. Sexually Insane Emperor of Rome, Caligula
e. none of the above

9. In 1986, Matthew Broderick famously portrayed what truant high school student?

a. Napoleon Dynamite
b. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
c. a and b
d. a and c
e. a, d and c
f. b, e, c and a
g. b, c, a, c again, then f
h. none of the above

10. 1983’s “The Big Chill” is a rose-colored remembrance of what era?

a. the 1950s
b. the 1840s
c. the Greek Renaissance
d. the Cambrian Explosion
e. the Land Before Time
f. the event which led to the formation of the universe,
according to the prevailing cosmological theory
of the universe’s early development known as
the Big Bang.

g. none of the above.


Well, how did you do? If you answered none of the above,  you are a WINNER!


10 pt.  – Pretty Darn Smart, Partner!
7-9    – Moron
4-6    – Moron
0-3    – Moron

Note: If you chose not print out a hard copy of this quiz for the test, use a damp, lint-free cloth to remove the magic marker from your computer screen. Remember: DAMP, NOT WET!

Have you tried any of our other quizzes?

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