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December 25, 2010

Ask a Movie Question

Our fun monthly column where a Goober correspondent answers your movie related questions.

Q. Is “Black Swan” any good? Lauren B., Cokeburg, Pa.

A. It’s alright.

Q. What time does “True Grit” start? Greg T., Belle Vernon, Pa.

A. Uh..let’s see… there’s a 3 o’clock …a 7:10, and a 9:40.

Q. Thanks. Greg T, Belle Vernon, Pa.

A. No problem.

Q. Um, can I like, take food in with me, if I hide it in my purse? Kim S., Charleroi, Pa.

A. Well…you’re not really supposed to, but I don’t even care.

Q. Thanks. Kim S., Charleroi, Pa.

A. No problem.

Q. What did you think of the American Film Institute’s recent list of best comedies? It included six Woody Allen pictures, three Mel Brooks but not a single entry from Harold Lloyd. The list seems to be laughably top heavy with more recent films, with only token nods given to the early silents. (e.g. “The Gold Rush” at #25.)  I would assume the AFI voting body skews older, like the Academy Award voters, but their picks do not reflect it. What gives? Tony, Scenery Hill, Pa.

A. Uh…dude… there are like, people behind you.