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December 21, 2010

***** Review of “Cool as Ice” (1991)


“Cool as Ice” is a word to your mother. Indeed, a word to all our mothers and a long lost, aching masterpiece from 1991.

The prestigious “Razzie” Awards, bestowed annually by the Rasmussen Institute, we believe, fittingly gave their highest prize that year to this timeless, gut-punch of suburban street violence and teenage angst. Helmed by first time director David Kellogg, best known for his groundbreaking series of 7 Up commercials (“It’s like Sprite! YEAH BOII!”), “Cool as Ice” offers a searing look at troubled youth and biker justice. Punctuated with straight-from-the-hood musical authenticity, it eschews the typical Hollywood gloss and “keeps it real”, speaking to the tragic, historically hard to reach white homies.

Ice holding two of his Peabody Awards.

Original gangster/musical gadfly Vanilla Ice makes his stunning debut as the street-wise, rebellious biker masking his inner torment

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