***** Review of “Arthur” (1981)


So much can be learned from the movies. You see, when you`re rich, chronic alcoholism is non-stop hilarity! Playing Arthur, Dudley Moore joyfully imbibes all his days away, energetically tossing off clever bon-mots, with Liza Minelli and Sir John Gielgud bouncing beside him as delightful co-dependents. He`s a fun drunk, not one of those preachy twelve steppers or shaky yellow sad ones with their vomiting and coughing up blood, crashing their crappy cars. Those swollen-livered losers just don`t have the right attitude. Arthur carefreely weaves his Bentley back and forth in the New York streets, head bobbing out of the sunroof, spilling nary a drop of his martini. That`s how a gentleman drinks, and his fellow drivers respect it! Adding to the endless fun, he frequently dines with the beautiful, hygienically sound New York prostitutes, sporting their tube tops, satin pants and wise-cracking ways. Those girls are surely hiding hearts of gold, those scamps. If we could just teach our children to drink and carouse all day properly, like Arthur does – WITH GUSTO – the world would be a happier place. 5 stars. Fun for the whole family!

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